Personal Valet Clothes Rack Black Double Rail

Product Specifications

A unique, new rack that can work in all kinds of tight spaces.

The Quality Fabricators® Personal Valet Rack is the brainchild of our friends Janice and DiAnne. They envisioned an easy to move, height adjustable rack that can hold up to 50 garments. Now it is patented, made in the U.S.A., and made with the same Quality Fabricators® Heavy Duty materials and rugged craftsmanship that our customers are used to getting from Quality Fabricators®.


Shipping Weight
20 lb.

The Quality Fabricators® Personal Valet is a patented product that is ideal for hanging clothes where space is a premium. 3 inch casters 63″ upright with two S shaped hang rails. Light and easy to move around.

  • Base Diameter: 19 Inches
  • Pole Height: 63 Inches
  • S Hook Hang Rails Height: Adjustable
  • Casters Height: 3 inches