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Archie Solomon

Archie Solomon the designer and patent holder of the original Z-Rack.



The history of our company starts back in 1976 with Archie Solomon who designed and patented the garment rack with a “z-shaped base” now known as the Z-Rack. Mr. Solomon was CEO of Archie Solomon Manufacturing for nearly 40 years where he earned 17 patents. One of his employees, Phil Dockery started Quality Fabricators® in 1997. By then the patent had expired and there were many different “knock offs” coming out of China. Mr. Dockery improved upon the original design and manufactured the Z-Rack, and 30 other products right here in the USA. In 2007 Mr. Dockery decided to sell the business to a group of three business men who shared his vision for Quality Fabricators®. The Z-Rack continues to be manufactured by Quality Fabricators® along with over 60 other products, right here in the USA.

The current owners Bill, Dave, and Dennis are grateful for the efforts of both Archie and Phil. Pioneers, great businessmen, and visionaries. The current team thank them.

About Quality Fabricators

Quality Fabricators is dedicated to providing the best quality garment racks, accessories and other products to discriminating buyers all over the world. We provide our customers with products designed and manufactured to meet or exceed their high expectations on strength, durability and functionality, at a fair price.

Our Team

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