Mobile Worker Shield Barrier Rack

Product Specifications

Mobile worker shield barrier rack.  This barrier rack comes with a 3 ft H-rack with a 48″x 48″ barrier shield to protect employees while working side by side.   Ideal for restaurants kitchens, manufacturing plants, warehouse operations, offices, schools, and other areas where protection is wanted.  Custom sizes available upon request.

Sizes available:

  • 3 ft rack
  • 4ft rack
  • 5ft rack
  • 6ft rack
  • 8ft rack

Each rack comes with a barrier that is 57 inches tall.

  • Size of rack is 36″W x 23″ D x 68″ H
  • Available in other sizes
  • The clear barrier can be replaced with a solid color barrier
  • Custom silkscreen logo available
  • Other heights are available
  • Dimensions other than 48″ x 48″ available